Sold Out in June And July? Get Prepared For The Big Winter Sale

Many sellers have recently reported that this year’s best-selling winter heating appliances were sold out of stock in June and July. With the peak season nearly three months ahead of schedule, many sellers are now making additional emergency restocks.

I believe many careful sellers have also noticed that air conditioning fans are selling well this summer. But many consumers have started to buy winter heating appliances against the season! What’s going on here?

The energy crisis led to new business opportunities

According to a 2019 survey by the BDEW (German Association of Energy and Water Industries), natural gas is in first place in the heating market in Germany. And is the leader among many forms of energy. In particular, Germany relies on Russia for around 55% of its natural gas needs. And if energy sources such as natural gas are in short supply, Germany may not be able to keep up with the heating when the weather turns cold in winter.

Data from the eBay platform shows that in previous years the peak season for winter heating appliances started in September and October. However, since July this year’s sales of electric home heaters, oil heaters, and radiators have been climbing rapidly. Consumers are starting to buy the following winter heating appliances in the opposite season to prepare for the winter.

Winter heating appliances that sell well

Electric heater/Electric fan heater/Electric Radiator

Shortages in natural gas supply and rising prices can cause consumers to look for alternative ways of heating their homes. One of the most straightforward ways is to purchase an electric home heater.

Heaters, oil heaters, and radiators can meet the need to heat multiple winter rooms. Because of their compactness, removability, and lack of installation. The price range of the hot products in this category is mainly concentrated in the range of 50 to 120 €. Prices can vary depending on the power and the size of the space that can be heated.

Electric Heater/Oil Radiator/Mobile Heater

Also, very popular with consumers are countertop heaters that meet the need for heating small spaces on the countertop. Most of these are priced under €50. Alternatively, there are some homes that opt for wall-mounted electric heaters. These units are more comfortable and safer, smarter, and require less space. The price range is also higher, usually above €200.

Electric fireplace

Somewhat similar to wall-mounted electric heaters, electric fireplaces are also very popular with consumers in Europe. They look similar to traditional fireplaces but are cheaper to use, more environmentally friendly, and have a high calorific value.

They are also clean and hygienic, safe and reliable, and can improve the aesthetics of a house. The power of these products is generally around 2KW, with glass panels and intelligent remote control. And the unit price is relatively high, with retail prices also generally above €100.

As electricity is now more expensive in Europe, energy efficiency is also a selling point for consumers when buying products. Energy rating is a very important indicator for consumers. If it is an energy rating of A+ or higher, please make sure to indicate this in the product title and in the parameters.

This is very attractive to consumers and can increase the product price! Many careful sellers will also mark out the cost of electricity for a day to further motivate consumers to make a purchase decision.

Electric water heater

As many European homes are heated by fireplaces, these units function as both water heaters and heaters. This energy crisis will also affect consumers’ bathing in winter.

It is therefore expected that this winter will also see a wave of purchases of instantaneous electric water heaters. These electric water heaters are relatively easy to install and are generally priced at less than €100, making them relatively affordable. As a result, they have become more popular with small householders, rental groups, and young people. This winter may also see a temporary change in bathing habits in Europe due to gas supply problems.

Prepare early for winter heating

As gas prices climb, consumers are concerned that there may be a gas crunch this winter. So even though it is summer, many consumers are snapping up and stocking up on firewood to prepare for heating this winter. Sellers can look out for the following recommended categories.

Wood stove/fireplace

Storage products, such as shelves and baskets for storing wood, are also starting to sell well in advance.

Wood storage

Wooden/Firewood basket/Firewood bag/ Felt bag

Fire bowl

2 in 1/3 in 1 Fire bowl with grill

Outdoor heater/Garden heater/Radiant heater

Patio stove

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