Ideas for Top Products to Sell Around Christmas Season

The end of the year 2022 is approaching and holidays are following one another. E-commerce also ushered in the annual Christmas shopping carnival season, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

With the approach of Christmas, many e-commerce sellers began to focus on how they can grasp holiday shopping opportunities. How to find the selection of products in line with the trend to significantly increase sales has also become a topic of concern for many sellers.

In this article, we will help sellers to sort out the selection ideas from some data reports.b

Sales growth in the toy market

Melissa Symonds, executive director of NPD Group’s UK toy division, said: “The lockdown has accelerated changes in the types of toys consumers buy. And also changes the way consumers buy them.

Toys such as assemblies and puzzles are popular and their sales are strong. Many consumers expect toys to be reduced in price and discounted. This phenomenon was also evident during Black Friday when toy sales were up 4% year-over-year.

According to other statistics, the percentage of consumers choosing to do their Christmas shopping online has increased significantly this year. Nearly a quarter of the consumers surveyed said they will spend more than twice as much as usual on gifts before Christmas.

56% of consumers plan to buy Christmas gifts for their pets

According to the APPA, about 56% of people plan to buy Christmas gifts for their pets this year. There are currently videos and searches for pet Christmas gift recommendations on both TikTok and Google Trends.

Pet owners are reportedly willing to buy snacks and toys as holiday gifts for their beloved pets. This is a way to thank them for their companionship during the lockdown. In addition, gift recommendation videos such as Christmas hats, Christmas clothing, and pet designer collars have received more than 10 million plays on TikTok.

The pet economy is growing explosively around the world. According to GlobalData, the pet care market in Europe and Asia has also been growing rapidly.

Christmas shopping enthusiasm is high in Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia and other niche overseas markets, consumers have been enthusiastic about Christmas shopping.

The survey shows that only 26% of consumers are currently deciding on a Christmas shopping category. 10% of consumers are locking in offers from brands they have been loyal to. The remaining 64% of consumers are considering making their choice based on product promotions and offers.

And due to the epidemic, more than 80% of consumers in the survey said they would choose to shop online. It can be predicted that Christmas-related holiday products will see a hot trend in the e-commerce market.

The above is a summary of product selection based on regional consumption report data. To fit the holiday atmosphere, some holiday products with Christmas elements can also be stocked. For example, Christmas tree decorations, DIY Christmas sticker sets, Christmas snow day street lights, Christmas-themed cups, Santa dolls or hangings, Christmas wreaths, etc.

After selecting the products, sellers should also pay attention to the early shelving of their products, do not wait until Christmas Day. Because you need to leave a warm-up period for the product. And after the product is on the shelves, some marketing means to do a good job of attracting traffic. For example, social media campaigns, website pop-up ads, etc.

For many people, Christmas is a holiday to receive gifts and blessings. It should enable consumers to get a Christmas atmosphere and happiness brought by the holiday during the purchase process.

Ecommerce sellers can also design a store login page with Christmas elements or customize Christmas gift packaging. These can draw closer the emotional connection with your consumers.

This kind of consumer-oriented experiential marketing can deepen consumers’ impressions and favorable feelings towards the brand in a subtle way.

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