Brilliant Ideas For POD From These 5 Tiktok Products

TikTok has many young users with more personalized shopping needs, which has kept the POD (Print On Demand) product buzz high.

Fossilized Dinosaur Poop Ring

On TikTok, personalized jewelry is forever sought after by young people. A popular ring recently became a TikTok traffic sensation. The standout features of this product are purely handmade and the dinosaur bone as the raw material. The combination of good looks and novelty materials has generated a lot of buzz among netizens.

Since its release on Sep. 20th, the video has received 1.1 million views, 100,000 likes, and 1,400 comments.

Many users in the comments section praised the dinosaur ring idea, leaving messages saying they desperately wanted to buy one of the same rings.

It is priced at a relatively expensive £250 on the independent site. The unique idea dramatically enhances the original value of the ring.

Tie-Dye Ghost Clothing

“Tie-dye” has suddenly become a trend in recent years, and the topic of tie-dye on TikTok has risen in tandem.

This video has been released since 10-4 and has received a total of 7.1 million views, 1.2 million likes, and 8,400 comments.

The video shows the whole process of making a tie-dye ghost suit, which looks easy to make, and the finished product is a real eye-catcher for users. Many users left comments in the comments section about how much they liked the look of the clothes.

Enter the merchant’s standalone site, which includes plenty of tie-dye ideas, and this ghosted dress is more popular. This is because the merchant is even offering a stenciled ghost tie-dye printable PDF pattern for sale specifically for users to choose from, for $3.90.

Anime Masks

Anime elements are also one of the primary sources of ideas for POD products, and there are many videos on TikTok about such pop-up POD products. And this custom mask based on elements from Tokyo Ghoul was a big hit.

Since its release on 6-17, the video has received a total of 15.2 million views, 2.2 million likes, and 13,700 comments.

As you can see from the comments section, the combination of the anime element and the mask is more attractive, and the product is much more recognizable and novel. Some user reviews also show that the product has established some brand value. The price of “$200” is considered very reasonable.

The product is currently priced at $200 on the merchant’s independent website, with a note underneath that the user needs to provide as precise a size as possible so that the mask will fit the face as closely as possible.

Stone Painting

This popular stone painting brings to life the characteristics of a POD, which can give or enhance the value of any product simply by capturing the user’s needs precisely.

The video was released on 11-17, and so far, the data obtained, 300,000 plays and 500,000 likes, the figures are not too bright, but the users are still very enthusiastic about buying it.

The most considerable demand from buyers was for “customized patterns,” with some users expressing their desire to buy a stone with their favorite pattern in the comments section and others commenting that they could no longer buy the product because stones are sold out.

When I entered the shop, I found that the “mystery pebble” was already sold out, proving an actual demand for this type of POD product after it became popular on social media platforms and trendy.

Knitted Hats

In winter, knitted products are now enjoying another wave of popularity, with blogger @charlieandlunaco posting a video promoting POD knitted hats on TIKTOK that became a hit.

Since its release on 6-6, the video has received 40 million views, over 1.4 million likes, and 5,600 comments.

The knitted hat idea was so good that not only was the hat brought to life but even this knitting machine was brought to life and was also asked for a price by users in the comments section.

This style of knitted hat starts at $32 at an independent site and retails for $32 on its own, while the grey/black faux fur retails for $36. The cost of the product is meager, but with the addition of customization requirements, the value multiplies.

TikTok, as one of the major overseas social media platforms at present, is also a significant venue for opinion monitoring. The 5 POD products shared today are just a one-in-a-million of the opinion trends they contain. Many more unmet and exploitable commodity needs are waiting to be explored and discovered.

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