What is Print on Demand and How does it work

Have you ever noticed white or black shirts that look identical but have different brand logos printed on them? Maybe, you have seen fabric bags or water bottles with different printed designs? That’s because at first, products are plain, and they are printed only on request.

The process of creating customized design products and sell them under your company’s name is called Print on Demand. The most interesting part of this style of business is that you only print after orders are made.

This model of business is getting more and more popular every day since companies find it affordable and convenient. However, as an eCommerce seller, you will need a reliable print partner to produce high-quality printed products.

Hence, we collected essential information about the POD (Print on Demand) system and helpful tips to make the print partner finding process easier for your online shop.

What is POD

Print-on-demand or POD is a print system that produces printed products according to the orders. In other words, companies are making printed, customized orders instead of bulk supplies.

Numerous small businesses find the Print on Demand model beneficial as they do not have to worry about storage and supply chain costs.

As an eCommerce seller, you will work with the print company to customize white-label products. They will print items according to the designs your customers ordered. After that, you will be able to sell them on a per-order basis. The customers will know that your brand produced the items so, every purchase will be under your brand’s name.

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How Print on demand works?

Create the product designs

If you want to get a lot of orders, you probably want to make your customers interested in your products. At first, you should add new or existing designs to your products. You will have an opportunity to showcase your work and people can fall in love with one of your designs.

Get an orders

When customers browse your designs and choose one, they will order the product through your online shop. When you get a new order, you can start producing a printed product with the help of your partner.

Print ordered designs

Your online store will send the order to your print-on-demand service for printing. Your partners will create printed items according to the order.

Ship the products

The final stage is shipping. The print company will send the packages to your customers. So, you do not have to spend money or energy on the shipping process. However, before you start the partnership, you should ensure that your partners are trustworthy.

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Advantages of POD

  • Saves you time: The Print on Demand model does not require you to print and ship products on yourself.
  • Reduces costs: You will not have to buy any equipment or order products in bulk.
  • It helps you experiment with new ideas: You can try as many new designs on different products as you like.
  • Increases brand awareness: You can sell every printed product under your brand’s name.
  • Grows your eCommerce business: With the minimum expenses, you can make more profit.

Disadvantages of POD

  • You will not have control over the fulfillment process because your print partner will be responsible for it.
  • You can’t manage the printing process. So, misprints could happen.
  • The fulfillment process will take longer as products are printed after each order.

How to find the best Print on Demand partner?

If you have decided to look for a print partner for your online business, do not forget to check the following points: products, price, quality, and customer support.

However, even if you get lucky and find a suitable partner, it’s really hard to be sure of their reliability. Here comes the eComhub.net with its amazing offer to help you.

We will help you to source reliable POD partners. In addition, the fulfillment process will be transparent and you can control it by yourself. Also, our fulfillment accuracy level is high to 99.9%. With this opportunity, you can ensure a smooth fulfilling process and prompt delivery.

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