How to source the best products on Aliexpress for eCommerce sellers

Having an eCommerce business is a great way to sell products without inventory costs. That is why we see more and more online shops that dropship from China at a lower price. If you are one of them, you probably know how challenging product sourcing can be.

Many products on Aliexpress have the same pictures as if they are identical. However, they can differ in price or quality. As an eCommerce seller, you need to choose the best one among the almost identical items to attract customers. Sounds challenging, right? Let’s find a solution for this.

In this blog, we’re going to tell you exactly how to select items on AliExpress from the ground. We’ll also run you through the characteristics that you need to consider and explain how you can use eComhub.net to find suitable items.

How dropshipping works on Aliexpress

If you have an online shop on eBay, Amazon, or any other platform, that means you have an eCommerce business. Your customers buy items from your website, you order these products from Chinese suppliers, and they ship them to the addresses. In other words, you use dropshipping business model, which makes you free from packaging and shipping responsibilities.

Aliexpress is a huge platform that is widely used for dropshipping. You need to have an online store like Amazon, or eBay to sell your items. When a customer makes a purchase, you’ll send a request to the seller on AliExpress. Finally, the seller packages and ships the items.

What is the profit? – you will keep the difference in prices as profit, which can be quite significant for some products. As your eCommerce business grows, you will need reliable sellers and high-quality items to sell. So, one thing you should always consider is to set up a long-term relationship with trustworthy retailers.

How to source the best products on Aliexpress for eCommerce sellers

What to consider while choosing products on Aliexpress

Choosing the right products on Aliexpress is getting more and more complex nowadays. We see the same products with the same pictures on the list while they have different prices. On top of that, products might be different from each other depending on the material and quality.

A lot of eCommerce business owners reached us saying they wanted to sell products from China but selecting the right items was so tricky for them. Even when they knew which product would be a perfect fit for their online shops, they couldn’t find suitable ones because of the wide variety on the market.

At eComhub.net, we believe that choosing the right products can be one of the essential factors for business success. That is why we gathered useful tips to help you find and choose the best products on Aliexpress.

Choose trending niche products

Before you rush and select random items for your shop, try to determine what is your niche.

Numerous products are in demand right now. All you need is to search the hot market and choose the popular niche. You need to conduct a little research to see where people are spending money. Once you have a clear idea of which one is more profitable, start selling products from that market.

Always think about customers first, what they want? What are their problems, and how can you solve them? Answering these questions will make you one step ahead.

Here is a simple 3-step process to choose a niche:

  • Research the hot market
  • Find out what your customers want
  • Offer users exactly what they want
How to source the best products on Aliexpress for eCommerce sellers

What are the important factors when choosing a product?

While some products can be very similar, they still have some differences to take a look at. So, we conducted an experiment to explore how different products with the same images could be from AliExpress. The experiment showed that even the same price products can have different weights, quality, and styles. Therefore, we gathered important factors for choosing the best item:

  • Material of a product

The material of a product is an essential factor as it determines the quality of the item itself. While choosing the best product on Aliexpress you should consider this factor as a number one reason. As our experiment showed, even products with the same images can have different materials. So, first things first, check the material of your item before you purchase a bulk of them.

  • Weight of a product

The weight of a product says a lot about quality. For example, in our experiment, we weighed our gym pants to see if they were different. All three of them were different in price, although they looked the same in the photo, so it was interesting to see their difference in weight. As it turned out all three of them were of different weights, while the most expensive pants weighed the most.

  • Who is your supplier?

Is your supplier reliable, competitive, and trustworthy? If so, congratulations, but if not you have a long way to go. Different suppliers sell the same type of products. However, each one of them has a different working style and of course, their products will not be the same in quality.

How can eComhub.net help you?

While most businesses struggling to choose the right products, you do not have to be one of them. You can follow the instructions in this blog or reach us for professional help.

Our expert team at eComhub.net is ready to research the market and suggest trending products that bring high revenue.

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