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This year has been a very fast-growing year for the Shopify store. The ongoing epidemic and Amazon’s increasingly strict opening policies have led to an influx of sellers into the Shopify market. However, there is still plenty of room for the Shopify store to grow. So, if you want to develop in this field of Shopify store, you must constantly put Shopify operation gradually refined. Today, we mainly take you to analyze some of the better single product shops. Compared to grocery shops, single product shops are more challenging to operate, so we talk to you about the critical factors of single product shop profitability.

What is a Single Product Shop

Single Product Shop is a stand-alone shop/ Shopify store with only one product. Your shop design and advertising are all based on this one product.

Advantages of single product shops

Saving time and effort

Because single product shops only need to run one product, you should focus on getting that one product right.

Easy to optimize budgets placement

Advertising ideas and budgets are based around just this one product and can be more easily adapted.

Higher conversion rates

If a shop has too many similar products, customers may not know what to choose when they come to the online shop, and having an attractive item can make it easier for them to make a buying decision.

High potential to grow into a brand

Grocery shops have so many products that it is often difficult for customers to remember them. But a single product shop can help buyers associate products with your shop, making it easier for you to promote your brand and remarket later.

Key factors in the profitability of single product shops

Outstanding products

A hot product should meet the following elements:

– Meeting user needs

– Not readily available in offline shops and supermarkets

– Make a splash

– Highly profitable

– Wide audience

If you want to do a single product shop, you must consider these five criteria because a good selection directly determines whether the single product shop can be successful. An example that fits these five criteria perfectly – CannyCollars custom dog carriers https://www.cannyco.com/

Firstly, it is easy to find a vast range of pet products in offline shops, but there are not many personalized products that can be printed with your pet’s name and phone number. Then, because it is customized, it is difficult for users to compare the price of this product, which gives sellers a higher profit margin.

For a single product shop, the product’s concept, purpose, and benefits should be unambiguous – Canny Collars does this well, presenting the features and services in a prominent and concise way with visual product diagrams through 4 bullet points.

Trusted customer reviews

A survey shows that 70% of Americans check reviews before purchasing. This figure proves the importance of reviews for Shopify shops, especially single product shops. Showing that the quality of the product is reliable through feedback from previous buyers will make new customers feel more comfortable about placing an order.

Snooz, a shop, sells a portable white noise machine called SNOOZ to help people fall asleep and stay asleep accompanied by the sound of a fan. The product allows customers with sleep deprivation and poor sleep quality.

This seller has created a separate page – https://getsnooz.com/pages/reviews – dedicated to showcasing a large number of previous customer reviews. This page includes lots of real images lengthy feedback from customers as they experience the product. These reviews made new customers feel confident in buying a new product they were utterly unfamiliar with.

Product copy that moves people

It is important to remember that potential buyers are not interested in product features and technical specifications as you are. They want to know what the product will do for them and how it will solve their pain points, so the copy should explain this clearly.

Secondly, do not use meaningless words. “top,” “world-class,” “market-leading,” ” innovative” are words that are used so often that customers are already indifferent to them; we should use facts and figures to add credibility to the product.

To give an example of product copy for a night robe

– The boring copy:

“Innovative robe from a world-leading manufacturer.”

– The upgraded copy:

“The warmest, advanced change robe to survive under 15 degrees C.”

Finally, use stories to engage customers. Stories are a powerful form of copywriting. For example, Hana, a Shopify shop, sells sustainable feminine care products. Using the “About Us” page – https://shophana.co/pages/about-us tells the story of their mission, solutions, and brand philosophy to improve people’s lives. Such stories create an emotional connection and inspire empathy in customers.

High-quality visual design

Single product shops only use their homepage to attract visitors’ attention and convert them into buyers. It only takes 50 milliseconds for visitors to judge the site, which is why we need to ensure that the site meets the following 3 points:

– Product-centric

– Easy to navigate

– Clear and aesthetically pleasing

There are three considerations for shop design:

Website optimization for mobile devices

According to a Google survey, 48% of buyers buy products on mobile devices such as phones, so make sure the website adapts to the most common screen sizes.

Using large banner images

It is usually fixed at the top of the page. Large images immediately attract the customer’s attention as soon as they appear on the page and help the user identify the product as soon as the page loads. However, care should be taken not to affect the website’s loading speed.

The photo below from Dryrobe – https://us.dryrobe.com/ The brand has created a unique product – dryrobe – for outdoor camping and sports, describing their products as “saving lives on many a cold morning or cold night.”

Creating product videos

Videos can increase conversion rates by better helping people understand your products and providing customers with as much information about them as possible. But again, don’t let a video be too big and interfere with your website’s loading.


The above gives some advice to sellers who want to build a single product shop.

If you have your supply chain, have a deep industry accumulation in a particular product or a specific type of product, and have a certain capital. It is more suitable to do a single product shop or a vertical shop and can gradually do a brand.

Assuming you have little idea of the product area, grocery shops are more suitable for you as they are less complicated and less capital costly, and easier to adjust at any time.

So to choose whether to sell just one product, do a category of products around a niche area, or do a grocery shop, you must analyze it in your situation.

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