5 Tips for Choosing Reliable TikTok Legging Suppliers in 2021

What is TikTok legging?

TikTok legging is called “Honeycomb High Waist Gym Leggings.” The fabric is “honeycomb textured” and “compression material.”

Why TikTok legging becomes a trend in TikTok?

Because the leggings have a V-cut hip line design in the back with the honeycomb textured and compression material to shape your bum and legs. Customers see the leggings as butt-lifting leggings.

How to find a reliable supplier to sell TikTok leggings in my online store?

When you find the TikTok legging is popular, you want to list it online. You go to AliExpress searching TikTok leggings, hundreds of merchants with variance prices popup. However, how do know the merchants are trade companies or factory? What are the reasonable prices? How to make sure the leggings are of good quality for your customers?

3 Tips for identifying the merchants

Checking the merchant store on AliExpress

To see the merchant-listed products on AliExpress. Suppose the listed products are shaper wear or legging wear related.

Checking the store start date

This is crucial to identify the merchant as a qualification by checking the store opening time.

Checking business license uploaded on AliExpress and the information

This step helps online sellers to know the merchant better. The reliable merchants update the business license to AliExpress. To get verified by AliExpress. And you can use Google to translate the business license information into English to know better the merchant registrant’s address, company name, and other information.

(*Tips: To produce TikTok leggings factories mainly located in Yiwu)

Sample requesting

Before placing an order to merchants, remember to ask for samples. Usually, the piece is charged.

3 Tips for identifying TikTok leggings quality

The elasticity of the leggings

First, a qualified legging should have good elasticity. Second, a high elasticity needs to be squat-proof. As a result, the squat-proof involves when producing the leggings the fabric yarn quality. Yarn is the raw material of legging. The legging quality depends on the yarn. Also, yarn cost impacts legging cost.

Detail cut

Product weight

The product weight determines the quality of the raw material used. As a result, a higher weight means the high quality of the product.

What eComhub sourcing team can help you with sourcing TikTok leggings?

  • The sourcing team has a relationship with most shaper wear and legging manufactures.
  • The team can do an on-site inspection for you
  • eComhub.net helps to negotiate with factories to meet your customized requirements
  • The sourcing team helps you to get samples for you
  • No sourcing service fee from eComhub sourcing team

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