Get Prepared For The Peak Christmas Season In Advance!

The epidemic has improved this year, but according to forecasts, consumers will still keep their Christmas gift buying habits online.

Here, we predict the e-commerce trends for Christmas and New Year 2022. How you should seize the year-end business opportunities!

Advance holiday purchase planning

The survey shows that 40% of all respondents in 2021 said they would make their Christmas purchases early. It can be predicted that such a trend will continue this year. The enthusiasm for Christmas Day items can also be observed in the earlier platform sales.

With August half over and Christmas still some time away, you have the opportunity to follow our trends and prepare for the end of the year winter sales!

Highly time-efficient free delivery

When it comes to preparing Christmas supplies, most consumers want to receive their goods as soon as possible. That’s why it’s worthwhile for sellers to optimize their logistics services. It is necessary to provide consumers with free delivery services promptly.

SPEED, COST, STABILITY, and BRANDING are shipping considerations. eComhub offers different shipping methods and shipping companies for customers to ship from China​. We aim to help you plan your shipments to maximize the transit value and put more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

A simple way to return goods is another opportunity to boost sales

While most Christmas purchases are gifts, there can be instances where they don’t fit. Gift recipients sometimes request a return or exchange. Therefore, we recommend that you make the return process as simple as possible. Simple and easy returns give your customers a sense of security during the purchase process. And they are more likely to buy more items. A quick and easy return process can also bring you more positive reviews and repeat business.

EComhub fulfillment services are covering product return operations too. Returns management is part of our main services, which makes the whole process convenient for your customers.

Christmas Ornaments

Exquisite Christmas balls and pendants

Classically beautiful glass Christmas balls have been popular for two years. But it is predicted that sales of such items will reach a new high this year. In addition, sales of wooden pendants are also quite high. The traditional Polish style has always enjoyed its popularity. And the British style design, such as Scottish plaid and Victorian style is also very popular.

Creative color combinations

In terms of color, creative and novel color combinations will be the hit of the year. For example, navy blue with gold, and earthy colors with gray. These combinations are elegant and classic but different from the traditional. Experts predict that this year’s elegant silver will be a popular color for Christmas decorations. But red, gold, and white will always be popular.

Decoration with natural elements

In the past two years, “naturalness” and “waste reduction” have been the rationale of many consumers. Therefore, decorative items made of dried fruits, needles, branches, and pine cones are very popular. In addition, some DIY handmade products, such as garlands hanging at home or on the mantel, are also selling well.

Funny Christmas blind box calendar

Christmas calendars are now not only a gift for children, but many adults enjoy buying them as well. Traditional advent calendars are usually smaller, with chocolate hidden under each date.

While they are still popular, more and more customers prefer a more impressive gift. As a result, many people are now buying larger ones, such as Christmas blind box calendars with coffee, tea, snacks, cosmetics, toys, and wine.

Christmas tree base decoration and carpet

For some people, no detail can be missed in the Christmas decorations. Therefore, many novelty items have appeared in the market.

Among them, Christmas tree base sets and Christmas tree rugs must rank high. Knitted or faux-fur rugs with Christmas elements are popular. And many people also buy beautiful decorations for Christmas tree bases. Usually, the wicker ones are the best sellers.

Christmas gifts for women

Maintenance supplies

Nowadays, more and more women are focusing on maintenance and health. Although fitness equipment is not suitable as a gift, maintenance equipment is very popular among women. Such as massage devices and acupressure cushions.

In addition, the items needed for a home spa are also very popular. For example, essential oils, bath products, incense, etc. In addition, many people buy CBD products that can help relieve fatigue and soothe nerves.

Electronics for women

In fact, not only do men like electronic products but now there are also a lot of small electronic products suitable for women. For example, e-books, wireless headphones, smartwatches, and smart bracelets.

For many girls who like to cook, a blender or coffee machine is a good choice. In addition, some beauty equipment is also very popular, such as facial washers, hair styling equipment, and so on.


Before Christmas, many people will buy beautiful cosmetic gift sets for their female friends. Merchants usually offer discounts for such sets. In addition, Christmas blind box calendars for cosmetics have been popular in recent years.

Gift for craft lovers

During the epidemic, many women discovered a new hobby specialty, and many began to participate in some workshop activities. Therefore, kits like those for nail art and eyelash extensions, pastel painting, calligraphy, etc., are very interesting gifts.

Christmas gifts for men

Consoles and games

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Switch consoles are ideal gifts for many men. However, some retro consoles are now back in favor of consumers. Such as those with classic games like pinball and Pac-Man.

Beauty, fitness, and wellness equipment

Nowadays, men are also paying more attention to their appearance and health. In addition to going to the gym, they also like running, rock climbing, tennis, squash, and so on. Therefore, equipment for these sports is a great gift. In addition, home fitness equipment has also been selling well, such as dumbbells, rubber bands, exercise balls, and so on.

They also like to take care of themselves after working out, so men’s skin care products are becoming popular. Products like after-shave creams, fragrances, eye creams, facial drum extracts, hair care kits, and so on are selling well.


Electronic products have always been popular gifts for men, such as smart watches, smart bracelets, wireless headphones, Bluetooth speakers, etc. With the gradual liberalization of travel policies, cameras and aerial cameras will also gradually become hot commodities.

Eco-friendly gifts for men

The eco-friendly trend is a staple of contemporary life, even in gift-giving. Trendy sports water bottles and thermoses are popular gifts today. In addition, air purifiers and some “nature-friendly” outdoor equipment are also popular.

Christmas gifts for children

Educational puzzle toys

Whether it is traditional wooden blocks, modern magnet blocks, and 3D puzzle toys, are popular gifts for children. These toys can bring them joy, but also can simultaneously develop intelligence and improve spatial imagination.

Sensory toys and stress relief toys

Sensory toys have always been a favorite toy purchase for parents of infants and toddlers. Softballs for babies and toddlers, blocks of many shapes, various mats, and sets with buttons and small fasteners are all popular.

Older children are also very keen on sensory toys or decompression toys, which help children to release stress, focus, and reduce ADHD, and can make them feel calm.

Electronics and interactive toys

Many young children look forward to receiving electronics as gifts, and sales of smartphones usually rise in the run-up to Christmas. In addition, VR goggles, gaming consoles, smart watches, or high-quality headphones are also interesting gift-giving options.

Many children also dream of getting drones and robots. Younger children also enjoy using electronic interactive toys. Examples include drawing boards and interactive books.

Scooters and other carriers

Nowadays, scooters are growing in popularity and parents usually buy electric scooters for their children. In addition, bicycles, electric skateboards, roller skates, and scooters are also popular means of transportation for children.

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