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What Benefits Will You Get From eComhub?

Why choose eComhub Instead of Other Sourcing/Purchasing Agents?

eComhub is knowing eCommerce products better than other China sourcing and purchasing agents. 

eComhub is sourcing products and purchasing them directly from China factories instead of the trending companies.

eComhub can do dropshipping from China for the sellers, also can buy inventory from China factories for sellers.

How Good Is eComhub Order Fulfillment?

eComhub has around 22,000 square meters fulfillment center in China.

eComhub has more than 500 operation associates handling average of 30,000+ daily order fulfillment.

Above 99% order fulfillment accuracy rate three years in a row.

eComhub offers from postal to express shipping methods for optimizing sellers shipping from China.

eComhub’s customers will have a one-to-one account manager to handle the requirements.

You will love eComhub as your reliable partner

Better than other China sourcing agents, purchasing agents, and dropshipping agents.


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