The 12 Best Shopify Tools to Get More Customers for Your eCommerce

We have collected as well as used more than 50 tools. But the tools we share here today are only 12. As long as you are familiar with the functions and usage of these tools, I believe you will be able to have more objective control of your website shop or Shopify store.

A free analytics tool based on search data from Google

Before you start building a Shopify store, you need to figure out if your product will have enough traffic on Google. Then Google Trends is the best tool for you. You only need to enter the corresponding keywords. Then it can be refined to a certain period, country, or region search index. You can also enter multiple keywords at the same time, and it will automatically generate a trend graph. So, you can quickly identify the hot trend of keywords you want to know.

Google Market Finder

Google’s a free international market analysis tool.

This tool is also designed to check the trends of your industry or product in Google. You can directly enter keywords or select the corresponding industry in the tool. Then, it can show each country’s monthly search volume in Google per capita. And it also shows the estimated traffic value, the business behavior of the industry, etc. It’s also a good tool for product selection, and easy to understand for beginners.


A powerful one-stop digital marketing tool.

This tool is one of the more comprehensive third-party tools for Shopify stores. And many industry professionals consider Semrush to be one of the better SEO tools. Of course, the price is a bit expensive, there are three packages, $99, $191, and $374 a month. Of course, you can also register directly with your email address, the account has 10 free queries per day. But the corresponding permission will be reduced. Here I will introduce the features of Semrush in detail.

The first is to check your competitors by Semrush. You can directly enter their website domain. It will quickly show the site’s SEO score, the current estimated traffic, advertising traffic, the number of external links and details, and other information. At the same time, you can see the site’s search market distribution, start optimization time, competitors, keyword ranking, and other information. 

On the keywords page, you can see the traffic brought by which keywords, CPC, competitors, Google ranking position, and other information.

On the advertising page, you can see the keyword ranking, copywriting ideas, audience distribution, age distribution, device distribution, and other information.

On the traffic page, you can see the site’s independent IP, the average length of visits, the bounce rate, and other information. It also shows the global or country searching volume of the keyword. It can also automatically generate SEO reports.


A must-have tool for Google SEO.

Ahrefs has two packages, $99 or $179 a month. There is no free version. Although there are more shop owners using Semrush, Ahrefs is undeniably a very complete SEO tool. Ahrefs is not inferior to other SEO tools in terms of keyword analysis, popular content analysis, competitor analysis, website ranking monitoring, and website SEO onsite diagnostics. Ahrefs’ unique feature is that it has A powerful database of external links.


A veteran SEO tool.

Moz is a more than 10 years old SEO software (analysis tool). The main functions are website external link analysis (competitors), keyword analysis, website browsing analysis, Chrome toolbar analyzer, ranking tracking, and website structure analysis. The functions are less than SEMrush and Ahrefs, but the database of external links is especially large. It has its DA (URL rank) and PA (page rank). The DA and PA values range from 0-100, the higher the rank the higher the SERP ranking (prediction).

You can choose one of the three introduced tools according to your habits and needs.

PageSpeed Insights

Website speed has always been a top priority for shop owners. We must monitor the speed of our site before or during the promotion of the site. You just need to enter the appropriate domain name, it can show Google the site’s rating. Although the data occasionally fluctuates, it does not prevent it from being the basis for you to judge the speed of the site. It can also point out accordingly what is affecting the speed of the site.


This is also a more authoritative speed measurement tool. It can clearly show the opening speed of the site on the PC and the factors that affect it. Speed is very crucial for SEO.

We recommend that you use several different tools when testing the speed. And then combine them with the site’s factors to improve the site’s speed.


Due to Google’s algorithm update, original content is now becoming more and more important for a website’s SEO. Want to test whether your website’s articles are of good quality? Just open that blog page and copy the URL of the page into the Copyscape input box to search for it. Next, it will be able to show whether your article is plagiarized or original, whether it has been republished, etc.


The tool is very convenient. You install it in the Google store and it is free to use. It can check the SEO page settings of the website at any time and provide you with many parameters needed to analyze SEO, such as Google’s PR value, index volume, and the number of external links.

Google Adwords

This is a very authoritative and free tool in Google Adwords, which can be used for free as long as you have registered a Google account. You can enter your website domain name directly into it. And find out the keywords corresponding to the website and the Google search volume, competition level, CPC bid range, and other data of the keywords SEO.

You can also enter the keywords directly, and it can help you to expand the long-tail words accordingly. Not only that, but it can also check the traffic ratio, distribution countries, etc. Learning how to use Keyword Planner will also help you with your advertising account.


View website internet promotion history.

This is a free tool to view the promotion history. You can use this tool to see when your own or competitors’ websites were included by Google and what time the website is focused on for promotion. The operation is very simple, you just need to enter the corresponding domain name. Good SEO helper.

SEO site checkup

This tool will help you check out the SEO report of any website and is very detailed and specific. From basic website TDK, URL, H1-H6, image ALT attributes, and more will be detected. And it will give you the overall rating of your website. After detection, it can also give notes and solutions. This is just the most unique feature of this tool.

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