The 3 Biggest China Sourcing Challenges and How to Avoid Them

While product sourcing is an essential part of eCommerce businesses, it can be quite challenging. Every retailer has seen problems like damaged packages, lost items, or increased fees. Those are just a few examples of huge shipping problems that occur from time to time. After all, delivering products to customers is a complex process, andContinue reading “The 3 Biggest China Sourcing Challenges and How to Avoid Them”

Best eCommerce Order Fulfillment Service From China

Every successful eCommerce businesses have one thing in common, and that is excellent fulfillment services. Even if you have a great website and high-quality products, you can’t become one of the top eCommerce companies without organized fulfillment services. ECommerce fulfillment service is not an easy task to proceed with. Yet, it is a crucial elementContinue reading “Best eCommerce Order Fulfillment Service From China”

2021 Top Fulfillment Center Around World

What is a fulfillment center? The terms warehouse and fulfillment center (or distribution center) are often used interchangeably but can have very different connotations. Both are large buildings that hold inventory for businesses that sell goods; however, the use cases and services provided are often quite other. Let’s break down each option to a betterContinue reading “2021 Top Fulfillment Center Around World”

2021 Top Tips for Optimization Online Order Shipping Method

Shipping method optimization Shipping is the crucial step in online order processing, and a suitable shipping method helps eCommerce sellers unleash sales, increase profit, and reduce transit time. Also, shipping can help the online store branding building and increasing customer loyalty. However, commercial express companies like DHL, FedEx, and UPS stand for high speed andContinue reading “2021 Top Tips for Optimization Online Order Shipping Method”

2021 eCom Sellers Logistics Solutions

What is logistics meaning? Logistics is used more broadly to refer to the process of coordinating and moving resources – people, materials, inventory, and equipment – from one location to storage at the desired destination. The term logistics originated in the military, referring to equipment and supplies to troops in the field. How many shippingContinue reading “2021 eCom Sellers Logistics Solutions”

2021 Postal Shipping Trends

What is Postal Shipping? Postal shipping is a shipping company that’s normally operated by national governments. Postal services can be used for the delivery of your parcels and important documents, but many businesses prefer to use them to send non-urgent, routine communications to business partners and customers. Examples of postal services include United States PostalContinue reading “2021 Postal Shipping Trends”

Does ePacket Deliver Fast?

What is ePacket? The ePacket service is an agreement between the U.S. and Hong Kong/China postal services to boost trade between nations. It allows you to send something between the United States and its Asian counterparts fairly quickly. As of April 2020, 44 countries support ePacket deliveries. ePacket shipping has quickly become a go-to forContinue reading “Does ePacket Deliver Fast?”

2021 eCommerce Seller Should Better Know Royal Mail

What is Royal Mail? Royal Mail plc is the primary postal service in the United Kingdom. It provides postal delivery services to all 64 million inhabitants of the British Isles. They have a rich history, is credited with being the first to develop and put into practice the postage stamp. The History of Royal MailContinue reading “2021 eCommerce Seller Should Better Know Royal Mail”

Does USPS Deliver Online Orders in 2021?

What is USPS? The United States Postal Service (USPS) is an independent branch of the federal government responsible for providing Postal Service in the United States. The USPS handles the mailing of letters and packages, sorting and delivering mail, and selling postal products like stamps, mailing supplies, and commemoratives. The History of USPS The USPSContinue reading “Does USPS Deliver Online Orders in 2021?”

How Does DHL eCommerce Deliver Online Orders in 2021?

What is DHL eCommerce? In 2014 the former MAIL Division of Deutsche Post DHL Group was renamed Post – eCommerce – Parcel, with each of the three sub-divisions focused on a specific market. Deutsche Post and DHL Paket are the leading providers of mail and parcel services for business customers and consumers in Germany. DHLContinue reading “How Does DHL eCommerce Deliver Online Orders in 2021?”

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