How to Increase Online Store Traffic

Offsite promotion system bring traffic to online store

 What is an offsite promotion on Amazon?

Why we do offsite promotion is actually to help your listing bring accurate traffic, thereby allowing us to improve the quality score of on-site listing. The offsite promotion services provided by service providers on the market are heavy volume and evaluation. These are not thresholds. As long as they know a little bit of Facebook, they can do it. However, heavy volume is only a small part of an offsite promotion. The threshold is Internet celebrity marketing, crowdfunding, etc., not everyone can do it.

The difference between the two types of offsite promotion

1. Facebook heavy volume-direct low-price promotion in the form of significant discounts or coupons.

2. Internet celebrity marketing-cooperate with Youtube, Instagram, and other platform celebrities to promote.

The former is a low-price discount hard advertising, abbreviated as heavy volume, is the choice of most offsite sellers. The advantages are short time-consuming, fast cooperation, and quick results. The disadvantage is that the profit is low, it may be even at a loss, and the effect lasts for a short time. Generally, there is no effect 1-2 days after posting or after the event ends.

The latter contains more of the nature of soft advertising, referred to as Influencer Marketing. The explanation is to let the influencer marketing his fans make consumption decisions. The posts made by the influencer will contain more brand-building significance and product practical scenarios and function analysis. Cooperating with discounts when the evaluation is released often has a good effect.

The advantage of this form: evaluation video or article can be stored for a long time, the user has a reference basis for purchase, the celebrity endorsement increases the user’s trust and the search volume of the product on Google, the discount can be lower than the low-priced hard advertisement, and the profit is relatively high. The disadvantage is that it takes a long time, and there is no direct low price to stimulate users. The significance of the brand is greater than the significance of selling.

At present, the most suitable for small and medium sellers is to increase their online store traffic volume through Facebook, and online celebrity marketing is more of the operation of prominent sellers, who form their teams.

This is also why the service providers on the market are doing Facebook heavy volume instead of online celebrity marketing. Still, I believe that the demand for online celebrity marketing and crowdfunding will increase in the future.

In the final analysis, Facebook’s heavy volume is currently a more cost-effective way of offsite promotion for small and medium-sized sellers. Why do you need offsite promotion? And the demand for offsite promotion is so great. Next, let me analyze:

Why do we need to increase the online store traffic?

The essence of heavy online store traffic volume: Amazon sellers use significant discounts to increase Amazon’s sales to achieve their operational purposes.

As for how the small market outside the station determines many discounts, for example, similar products are 50% off, but you get 30% off, then the money you spend is waiting to be lost. In the final analysis, the price is still a price war.

Why do offsite service providers provide this service with heavy volume? Existence is reasonable. Naturally, when there is market demand, someone will provide the service. The following will start with the needs that the service provider can solve and the needs that cannot be solved: (From market demand to explain why you want to increase the volume)

Current needs that offsite service providers can solve

1) Pull the ranking

Sales drive rankings, but you must cooperate with offsite advertisements. Otherwise, the rankings will fall off with a click after you stop offsite advertising.

2) Clear inventory

When the inventory is slow to sell, the most important thing is to clear the goods quickly. If you don’t remove them in time, you will need to charge long-term storage fees and affect inventory performance indicators, and the cash flow generated by the clearing of the goods can be used to make the following product.

3) Flash sale preheating

Please open the site before the flash sale and wait 5 hours before the flash sale ends, which is conducive to smooth the traffic and conversion rate changes caused by it. However, it should be noted that if you forget to turn off the offsite discount code, the offsite discount will be superimposed on the flash sale discount. This loss is sometimes quite large.

4) Dilute the retention rate, return rate, and complaint rate

Evaluation returns and complaints are unavoidable. For the safety of the account, it is necessary to increase the order volume and dilute them.

5) Improve capital turnover

Needs not addressed by the offsite service provider

As far as I know, Amazon sellers want to rely on the sale of orders outside the site and improve keyword rankings, brand promotion, let celebrities bring goods, and so on.

1) Stimulating keyword ranking

Keyword rankings need to be improved by buyers searching for keywords to place orders. However, most of the offsites are affiliate links. The essence of affiliate links is authoritative links. Orders placed through such links affect the ranking of significant categories of BSR, which is critical for a single key. The improvement of word rankings is hardly helpful unless it can be sustained for some time.

At present, there is only one way to push keyword links outside the site, that is, Facebook advertisements and a small number of celebrity groups. Facebook advertising costs are very high, and a small number of celebrity groups are also a small probability event because most celebrities are all cooperating with Amazon. They generally do not violate the alliance’s rules (the link to post must be an affiliate link).

2) Internet celebrity marketing

Find Youtube or Instagram bloggers who have fans, such as beauty bloggers who only focus on beauty and 3C bloggers who only focus on beauty. Their fans are exact, so the traffic they bring will be clear, and they are likely to become your precise fans.

On the one hand, the traffic entrance brought by this kind of benefit is long-term, which is equivalent to adding a traffic entrance on Google for your listing. On the other hand, as long as your product is good, its fans will likely be converted into your brand fans.

To clarify here, the celebrities mentioned by the service providers are not Internet celebrities. The stars mentioned by the service providers are administrators who have a small number of fans on Facebook. Their fans are more active, and the audience mainly likes small and cheap treasures.

The difference between this type of administrator and the administrators of other groups is that they are very particular products. Junk products (such as products with low demand, poor ratings, and few reviews) pass, so as long as they give the audited products, they can explode hundreds of and thousands of orders, but the discounts are also big.

3) Pay for results

This kind of seller generally wants to clear the inventory, so they want to pay according to the effect. The effect payment is calculated according to the quantity of the order. For example, the price is 1-10 per unit, and the price is 10-30 per unit. However, due to the proliferation of service providers, there is no profit for this service provider.

4) Control the order quantity

The purpose of this method is to let the listing dilute the retention rate and increase the weight, but there is a premise that the seller needs to have offsite resources. If you find a service provider, it isn’t easy to do it because it doesn’t have this time to control. They send out many products a day, usually in batches.

What channels are there to promote heavy volume offsite?

From the perspective of service providers, most offsite service providers promote nothing more than two channels: Facebook group posting and deal website. There are other niche channels: telegram, Vk, forum discount section, or rebate website.

Facebook group: The price-performance ratio is relatively high, and it is more cost-effective to clear inventory and push new products, but the discount needs to be large.

Deal website: The cost is high, and the effect is not necessarily good. But if you have confidence in your products, the discounts don’t need to be very large to make many orders. I recommend Dealnews.

The underlying logic of Facebook’s heavy volume

Why are celebrities willing to post? Because they can make money from this, but are they just earning us a few dollars in commission fees? NO, these commissions are just a threshold. They rely on commissions earned by the Amazon Alliance.

Because as long as the products posted are bound to the administrator’s Amazon alliance, Amazon will return a certain percentage of the sales to these administrators. The essence is that Amazon spends money to buy traffic.

The following is the latest Amazon affiliate commissions, commissions for different categories are different:

What do you need to prepare for heavy offsite volume?

An old Facebook account + multiple high-quality groups

The old account is not easy to be blocked. You can register or buy it. If you register, it’s best to keep it for about three years before using it. If you purchase it, it’s better to choose a safer channel. Facebook deal groups are not difficult to find, but high-quality groups are not so easy to find. Still, it is best to continuously dig out many groups early and then slowly filter out high-quality groups. The so-called high-quality groups are not groups with many fans, but enthusiastic fans can there be. Groups that are easier to find often do not work well and are expensive. So everyone searched according to the ideas I provided, first fuzzy search, then precise search, you will indeed find a good group.

Here are some ideas for finding groups: (Small accumulation makes more, quantitative changes produce qualitative changes)

  1. Search keywords + sites such as deals and coupons to get a large number of groups. Note that there is no need to click on the “Group” option, and you can directly view the results of fuzzy matching in “All” (fuzzy search)
  2. System recommendation, as long as you add enough, the system will automatically recommend more groups to you, but these groups are still far away from the high-quality natural groups.
  3. Discount code search, you can use other people’s discount codes to search one by one to split more groups. (Precise search)

For example, if you see this post in a particular group, it is trendy. Then you can copy its discount code and search for it.

The ultimate solution is going to some deal websites with large traffic to find the discount codes of popular posts and search on Facebook. The posts that are effective on the deal websites are often the same posts on Facebook; this method can find at least 1,000 Facebook groups well-known.

  • You can go to cross-border website forums, such as Hugo, cross-border know, discussions, and you can find some in these places, but open resources mean that they may be used up.
  • Exchange resources. After you have a certain amount of resources, you can exchange with a person of the same occupation, but it is best to exchange offline. On the one hand, you can distinguish true from false. On the other hand, you can contact the administrator more efficiently because you will slowly find that most of the messengers you got the administrator but did not reply are in the administrator’s trash can. What is the best solution at this time? Recommend.

What product works well off Facebook?

Most of the fans in the FB group are made up of family women aged 22-55. The product they are interested in is the single product we are most likely to sell.

The following are based on my experience:

Household ware: kitchenware, home decoration, smart home, bedding, furniture, etc.

Feminine products: women’s clothing, shoes, and hats, cosmetics, accessories, etc.

Children’s products: toys, maternal and child products, etc.

Household tools: cleaning tools, standard tools, etc.

Simply put, the daily consumables just needed are the best.

What product does not work well off Facebook?

1) Accessories products

2) FBM and adult products

3) Epidemic prevention and political supplies

4) Out-of-season products

5) Products flooding outside the site, such as fascia guns, web cameras

Factors affecting the effect of the order

1) The key is to look at the needs of the product. Of course, the audience is the family women who often use Facebook, and of course, they will buy it for their sons or husbands.

2) The strength of the discount, most of Facebook’s discounts are 50%, is it possible to achieve the same or even greater discounts than others?

3) Whether the price is too high, there is a price comparison website to check whether your price is too high

4) Are there too many negative reviews on the homepage? In this case, it is recommended to make a homepage without negative reviews.

5) FBM has a poor reputation, few adult celebrities send out, FeedBack is very poor, and freight charges are often zero orders!

How to optimize the offsite effect?

1) Select the prime period

When you are unsure which time is the prime period, you can download the order records in the background (Date Range Report). Use the data analysis and statistics table to select the golden period, which specific period of the week, and choose the time with the higher conversion rate to contact the group owner to post.

2) Filter groups

Analyze which posts the buyers of each discount group prefer to like or comment more often. Check whether the exact product has been released in the past month. What is the price of the others? Have an estimate of the discount price. If there are the same types in the short term, don’t post your posts. The effect will be greatly reduced.

What product is suitable for the deal website?

Products with too high value are not recommended to be posted in groups. Most of the buyers in Facebook groups are women, and they are more inclined to products with low unit prices. It is recommended for products with high unit prices to choose a deal website channel with accurate traffic.

1) Products with high unit price

Products with a low customer unit price are suitable for offsite Facebook sites, but products with a high unit price are still costly even if they are discounted. This does not work well on Facebook. Therefore, these products go to deal sites in large quantities outside the site, and different deal site audiences are different.

2), use Similarweb to check the audience of the website

By analogy, other deal stations can also be analyzed like this

Deal website of the US site:

Dealnews: This is a deal website that is suitable for any category. There is no requirement for discounts. The competition is fierce. The service provider’s quotation is generally around 170-200. If you contact by yourself, you need to buy in bulk at a price. 150/piece.

Techbargain: A website that is more suitable for the 3C category and the home category. The products of the 3C category will be more prevalent on this website, the audience is matched, and the competition for similar purposes will be larger. The service provider offers around 100-110.

1sale: This can be regarded as a comprehensive commercial deal website similar to Dealnews, but the effect is not as good as Dealnews. It is not recommended. The service provider offers around 130-150.

Bradsdeal: It is more suitable for home furnishing categories. The quality of this website is not bad, and it is troublesome slow posting, strict reviews, and general service providers are not willing to do it.

Slickdeals: The threshold for this website is high, but there are bound to be many orders for a post. Before service providers can operate pop deals, or even higher, and the effect is excellent, but now they can only try to find high-level celebrities to post.

Bensbargain: The majority of male users can account for more than 90%. If the product is compatible, the effect is still good. The service provider’s price is around 130-140 US dollars.

Kinja: It is a compelling website, basically the king of deal stations. Posting on this website immediately exploded. But it isn’t easy to post.

cnet: Same as above

Woot: This is an official Amazon deal website. As long as you post, Amazon will take your shopping cart away, like the following, which is a bit similar to the BD on the site.

Offsite practical case

Promote new products

How to use new products from outside the station for a cold start?

  No ads for the new product two weeks before, just high-quality evaluation, offsite, QA, likes

  What is the essential thing in the first month of launching a new product? The answer is to issue orders and accumulate evaluations quickly.

  The homepage comment should have three videos (TOP is better), three pictures, and four long texts.

  1. There are three reference modes:

The first: the conventional operation method of most offsite service providers on the market, one-time fee to send a large number of groups or deal sites at one time, has the advantage of a lot of effect of issuing orders, but it is also a disadvantage. Too many orders for new products at the beginning can easily cause attacks from competitors (e.g., bad reviews, etc.).

The second: a better way to promote new products. In the early stage, do the offsite intermittently for a month, and do offsite once every two or three days. The order quantity does not need to be that many, about 10 to 20 orders each time.

The third: a better way to push new products, continue to do offsite every day and control the number of orders per day at about 1-10 orders, to ensure that the product has a ranking every day, and it is also weighted, and the keywords are also promoted, especially when it is promoted by authoritative links to increase the ranking of the keywords.

2. Solve the problem of comments.

0 comments about running ads believe that everyone has a deep understanding, the conversion rate is inferior, and getting worse,

1) Make high-quality comments and keep your homepage comments with three videos, three pictures, and four long texts.

Look for TOP Reviewer, because 100% of their comments will not drop, high weight, long text like pictures and videos to the homepage, firstly, the conversion rate is high, secondly, as long as the TOP comment is stuck on the homepage, your listing will not be wrong. But the disadvantage is that the review cycle is long, and it is easy to delay the new product period.

2) Quickly increase the rating. As long as there are more orders out of the front station, use the plugins of the reminder assistant, such as Digital Analog and JS, to quickly request reviews and promptly get reviews without going to the background to click one by one. The efficiency can be greatly improved, but the disadvantage is that the comments are all without VP.

Remember, offsite is just an aid!

1. Auxiliary review

2. Auxiliary issuance

After two weeks of waiting for comments, the site will stop immediately and switch to the site’s advertising because the profit mainly depends on the site’s orders.

Inventory clearance

This is relatively simple. If there is a big holiday promotion, you can do offsite first to pull up all the rankings, turn off the station after a few days, and open the membership discount inside the station. At this time, remember to turn off the offsite discount code! Now the system adds a function to help sellers “prevent discount code stacking,” which reduces the probability of stacking to 0. Although it is only a small operation, I believe that this can help many sellers and owners reduce losses by tens of thousands.


For the Amazon sellers, there are three stages required to do offsite promotion:

1. The first stage is the start-up stage because the product is not rough enough to be called a standard product. The most sensible thing is that there is no good packaging, no explicit warranty, and after-sales policy, etc. The core purpose is not to promote but to obtain sufficient evaluation and replenishment resources.

2. The second stage, the growth stage, as the product is polished, the product has a specific sales volume, and the brand has a specific cognition. It is conscious of creating an overall VI for the brand, and there is a unified packaging style. Offsite promotion can get more traffic and users through internet celebrities and advertisements.

3. The third stage, the leap stage, when our brand has several series of products and has gained a good market reputation; the focus has become people’s recognition of our brand and how to get more people When you come into contact with our brand. At this time, the comparison is how many people will search for our brand and how many people will post content related to our brand.

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