Tips For Customer Retention Strategies That Work

Recently, the cost of traffic has been rising and so has the cost of customer acquisition. For an online website shop owner, if you want to increase profit and reduce cost, you must put more effort into customer retention. Retaining new customers as regular customers and turning regular customers into loyal customers are the best ways.

Retaining customers is actually to improve the repurchase rate. And the marketing costs required to repurchase will be much lower than the first purchase. So how to retain your customers? Here we bring you 6 tips, hope they will help you!

Recharge Bonus

For the seller, this is the same as giving the customer an exclusive discount for repeat purchases. The “charge as much as you can get” seems more impactful for the user than a discount. There should be a gradient of activity, the more you recharge, the more you get.

In addition, sellers should also pay attention to two points. The first is that the amount of recharge can only be used in your shop. The second is to inform the customer that it is prohibited to withdraw cash. Attract customers through this activity, and your customers will spend the money in your website shop. After all, people are opposed to losing.


Lots of website shops often use membership systems. Enjoying certain privileges is the basic motivation for customers to sign up as a member. The setting of the membership level is the key to guiding customers to keep repurchasing and progressing. At the same time, the information collected during membership registration is also convenient for sellers to remarket.

We can combine membership level with recharge bonus. For example, only members can participate in recharge bonus activities. Or members can have a higher amount of bonus. This can guide customers to sign up for membership and also lure each other to participate in the activities. 

Store Loyalty Rewards

Retaining repeat customers builds brand loyalty, so why not reward those who already shop in your store? Not only can this serve as an added incentive, but it can also bring the relationship closer by making the consumer feel appreciated by you.

84% of consumers say they prefer brands that reward them for their loyalty. You can direct repeat customers to sales channels you’ve created specifically for those loyal to your brand. These sales channels can offer additional benefits and special offers to loyal customers.

Customers who enter these channels are told exactly why they are getting these offers. This makes them feel like they are part of an exclusive group and can have more loyalty. Please don’t ignore loyal customers. Show them that you appreciate their patronage of your business.

Bonus Points

By setting up a shop points system, sellers can, to the maximum extent possible, attract customers to participate in the activities of the website shop. Points can be earned through mini-games, or interactive behaviors such as check-ins, product browsing, page views, product sharing, etc. These interactions are not difficult and at the same time enhance the customer’s understanding of the product and the shop.

Points can be exchanged for goods or coupons. Relatively speaking, physical goods will be more attractive, but sellers should pay attention to the cost.

Establishing Good Customer Relationships

For example, sending birthday wishes to your customers. Birthday wishes are a way to quickly bring users and sellers closer together because people want their birthdays to be remembered. The membership information in the previous section also comes into full play here.

The accompanying small gift can be set as an exclusive coupon. It will not only enhance customer stickiness but also prompt consumers to place another order.

In addition to the essential blessing. You can add customer names to emails and Facebook ads. It is also possible to analyze your existing customer shopping data to send personalized content. Such as product recommendations based on their last purchase.

This level of personalization can motivate previous customers to come back and buy again.

In addition to a good enough product, it takes time and effort for sellers to manage the customer relationship to keep the customer. There are many choices for customers, but sellers can be the first choice that comes to mind through a variety of means.

Seek Feedback

As with any company, your website shop needs customer feedback. As a seller, you need to understand your customer base and also improve your products and services.

Create channels to ask for customer feedback after a purchase to understand what was good and what could be improved in the overall shopping experience. Also, when asking for customer feedback, make them feel valued and let them know that the seller will do something about the feedback.

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