Secrets Behind Every Successful Shopify Store: Dropshipping 2022

We often encounter this type of situation. With selling the same category, some sellers have very few orders. But some sellers have amazingly high sales. Let’s just say that product selection is one part of high sales. Other determining factors, such as site optimization/shipping/product quality/marketing, are all important then.

Some sellers struggle for a long time to set up a Shopify store. But they spend a lot of time on product selection at first. A few months later, they have not yet begun building the website or Shopify store.

Of course, some people do not understand the rules at first. But their willingness to learn made some achievements. Even if you fail the first time, do not regret it. Entrepreneurship can not be successful at once.

Therefore, the key is practice and learning. Learn more from the success stories of other Shopify stores in the first period. And try to copy the success of others, and then innovate yourself.

Today, we share with you a few Shopify stores that have done more successfully. By studying these stores we can find some commonalities in these successful stores.

Successful Case Studies

Jewelry customization store – findingbox


In 2012, it was established in Shanghai, focusing on jewelry accessories wholesale in the early stage.

In 2014, started to derive a jewelry customization business.

In 2015, started social marketing and ran Facebook ads.

In 2016, set up Shopify’s official website store and operated an independent station.

In 2019, findingbox has covered more than 130 countries and sold more than 1 million pieces of customized products.

Ideas worth learning

Deeply focused on a niche. Findingbox focuses on making jewelry and strictly controls the quality of the production process. Based on doing wholesale jewelry and innovating. They opened this business immediately after seeing the business opportunity of custom jewelry.

Optimize the customer experience. For example, they provide self-customization software to save labor costs. It allows customers to edit their text, and upload images. And customers can also preview their customized products. I tried it and it’s still easy to get started.

Findingbox didn’t start as a website store. It was only after setting up the Shopify store that they had the backend to track user behavior. So that they could target the specific customers and do a combination of SEO+SEM+EDM.

Water cup with time scale – healthish


After resigning from her company, Amily spent the next 6 months confused about what to do next. After being inspired by a friend, she decided to start her own business and build her Shopify store. In the beginning, she felt very torn about product selection and listed more than 50 product ideas. Originally, she wanted to choose products based on her interests. But considering the lower manufacturing cost of cups, she finally decided to sell them.

Ideas worth learning

When choosing a niche, you can consider a more lightweight category. These products are generally easy to transport and get a lower shipping cost.

The products have unique features. For example, Amily’s cup has a time indicator, that helps Healthish stand out from its competitors.

Healthish has introduced a variety of cups in different colors. But most people prefer the white minimalist style.

Truth be told, it’s a really good idea.

In terms of demand. Nowadays, people’s material life has improved, but the time left for themselves is getting less and less. Many working people are staying up the deepest nights, putting on the most expensive masks, and eating the most expensive health products. People’s demand for health is only getting bigger. So health-related products can still be researched more.

In terms of cost. The raw materials and shipping costs of this glass cup must be meager. We can know that from the wholesale price on Alibaba. The profits are quite good.

In terms of the style of the cup. The style is simple but beautiful. A lot of customers will choose it.

Virtual Painting Software Accessories—RetroSupply


Dustin Lee is a graphic designer who founded RetroSupply in 2013. He thought that designers were not satisfied with the features or styles of the software they were using to draw. From there, he came up with an idea to provide designers with more artistic brushes, fonts, actions, etc. Through some of his accessories, he can make something that would have taken 15 minutes to complete in 20 seconds, greatly improving efficiency.

Ideas worth learning

Lead subscribers to email sign-up by offering 9 free products. They get more subscribers in this way. They do regular email branding and new product recommendations. They also offer some coupons to people who have abandoned their purchases to guide them to buy.

Running a community. They write blogs to share tutorials and offer some free online courses. They also conduct interviews with industry professionals.

They use Google Analytics (GA) for timely data updates and aggregation to analyze data on their customers. GA is free and we recommended that everybody has it.

Other Success Stories


https://www.silkandwillow.com/ (Wedding clothes. Focus on environmental protection.)

https://kotn.com/ (Egyptian cotton)

https://www.beefcakeswimwear.com/ (Unisex style)

https://www.naja.co/ (Suitable for all skin tones & donation of 2% sales)


https://www.freshheritage.com/ (Men’s Grooming Products)

https://smartypits.com/ (Health care products)

https://thehoneypot.co/ (Female Health)


https://www.manitobah.com/  (Craftsmanship)

https://www.allbirds.com/ (Natural and sustainable materials)


https://bebemoss.com/ (Produced by some full-time moms or refugees. To provide a paycheck for poor families)




https://shopbala.com/ (Fashion elements)

I have listed some unique selling points after the store links. We can see high-frequency words are ‘environmental protection’, ‘health’, ‘public welfare, and ‘handmade’.

People are inclined to do good things and want to be helpful to society. But most people don’t have that much energy to do it. So, sells points.

In addition, things like website optimization, shipping, a community running, advertising, etc., still require you to learn more and practiced a lot.

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