10 Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores That All Sellers Could Learn From

Whether you have experience running a Shopify store or not, learning from your competitors’ stores is the most effective way to do well in the startup. For example, understand their product selection, store design, landing page design, SEO optimization, advertising, etc.

Here are some examples of Shopify stores that are doing well. We will divide them into the following different categories. If your Shopify store is related to these industries, you can try to find some inspiration from them. Easily learn from their successful experience.


Fashion / Clothing / Jewelry, etc. 📿



Pet Suppliers🐕


Studio Proper

Studio Proper is an Australian Shopify store and an authorized Apple reseller. The store mainly deals with the full range of Apple products and accessories. The store is enabled with the Oberlo plugin, so you can imagine that some of their products are sourced through AliExpress.

Studio Proper is expected to have 5k+ visitors per month. 80% of the store’s traffic comes from search and direct traffic (with a Blog and 920 links). While the remaining 6% comes from social media, etc.

Quad Lock

This is a Shopify store that focuses on cell phone mounts, and it has an awesome website design that is worth learning from. For example:

  • There is a product video on the store homepage, that vividly describes the product features.
  • The product category with pictures is clear at a glance.
  • Product pictures are simple in style with uniform background
  • Every product has Reviews, which can effectively build up customer trust.

This Shopify store is expected to have almost 50K visitors per month. Search and direct visits account for 88% of the traffic. Quad Lock also has a strong focus on social media marketing, with 36W+ followers on its Facebook page, 10W+ followers on INS, etc.


This Shopify store sells a wide range of products. Including environmentally friendly cooking equipment, solar panels, rechargeable batteries, household lighting products, and so on. The website design is simple and generous, and the product categories are very clear.

The best point is that each product landing page is very detailed, including product application videos, parameters, FAQs, Reviews, etc. This is worth learning.

As for the website traffic, Alexa ranking 100K, and the website has 140,000+ visitors per month. But this Shopify store’s search traffic only accounts for more than 60% of the total traffic, 11% of the traffic comes from its affiliate marketing. And the rest is from social media, advertising, etc.



This is a major wig Shopify store, the store page is very complete, product categories are clear and concise, and each product has a before and after product comparison chart.

While the product details page lists the most important issues for buyers (including product descriptions, logistics, returns, Reviews, FAQs, etc.), providing a good user experience.

Complete store page:

Excellent product detail page:

The Shopify store has 600k+ monthly visitors and more than 80% search traffic. We can assume that most of the natural traffic comes from its blog. The blog posts cover all kinds of tutorials, wig care, wig application scenarios, and so on.

The Shopify store also has a YouTube channel with more than 3 million subscribers and a high interaction rate. Luxhair also runs INS, Pinterest, and FB.

Happiness Abscissa

This is a Shopify store that sells perfume, built-in 2015. It sells a very small range of products, so the page is also very simple. And of course, the natural traffic is relatively low and the site ranking is not high.

One thing we should learn is its minimalist design. If your product has no special features to introduce, then a concise and clear description is rather more conducive to user experience.


This Shopify store mainly sells jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, and so on. Many of the products in this store you can find the same model in the AliExpress.

The earrings of a few dollars on the AliExpress are sold here for tens of dollars. So, you can imagine the profit is exaggeratedly high. This Shopify store is also using Oberlo to buy from AliExpress, doing the Dropshipping. The store promotion method is mainly running Facebook ads, and operating INS.

Here are a few similar jewelry stores for reference:





Allbirds was created in 2016, and now the company has a market value of over 1.4 billion U.S. dollars, making it a very well-known online shoe brand. Allbirds claims to make only the most comfortable shoes in the world, and they pursue simplicity, comfort, and nature. You can see a lot of caretaken photos of shoes in the Shopify store that are consistent with their style.

The store traffic is high. The monthly visitors are around 2 million because it has been a big brand. So the monthly search volume of the keyword Albirds alone has reached nearly 200k

Although these data are beyond the reach of small and medium-sized sellers like us. But as long as we learn from its successful experience, we will naturally benefit from it more or less.



Bdesir is a Shopify store in India, it sells branded cosmetics and skin care products from around the world. The store does a great job of saving customers’ orders. When they find a customer leaving without paying, they call them directly to ask why. And depending on the situation, give them a discount to encourage them to complete their purchase.


Manhattan toy

They mainly sell children’s toys, and the categories are very detailed. So, buyers can choose the right toys according to both the age of the child and the type of toy.

An excellent point is that the store owner has inserted product demonstration videos on almost every product detail page. These vivid videos help to increase the conversion rate.

The store has 40K+ monthly visitors, 88% of search traffic. Among them, ‘baby toys’ brings 20,000+ monthly searches to the site due to its blog traffic. The store is also running Facebook ads.

Here are a few similar toy stores for reference:




Pet Suppliers

Thefoggy dog

The domain name shows that this is a Shopify store that sells dog supplies. Including bow ties for dressing dogs, beds for sleeping, mattresses, collars for walking dogs, leashes, and more.

The store was built in 2016 and currently has 100,000+ visitors per month. Search traffic is account for 80%. And their social media marketing is focused on Facebook and INS. Meanwhile, the store also runs TikTok ads and has its affiliate marketing channels.

Here are 3 similar pet suppliers stores that are also worth learning:




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