How to find the perfect dropshipping products

Choosing a product & niche is the first step in the Dropshipping commercial industry. It is a crucial part of the business, apart from the marketing work later. This is because the product will have a direct impact on our business.

High potential Dropshipping products generally have the following six attributes: High Demand, High Value in Use, Wow Factor, Low Availability, Low Competitiveness, and No Seasonality.

These ‘product attributes’ are indicators that many experts use in their product analysis. We need to be strategic in our product selection, not just lucky.

6 attributes of best dropshipping products

High Demand

A product with high demand means that it has a large enough customer base behind it. This is the first factor we consider when selecting products. If the customer base is already small and other sellers are competing with us head-on, we won’t make much money even if we sell to the top.

High Value in Use

High-demand products are those that provide value to customers, as no one buys a product that does not benefit them.

These products that offer benefits to customers can be broadly categorized into two main types, namely:

Problem-Solving Products

– This type of product has a specific purpose or function that can effectively solve the customer’s problem.

– The bigger or more difficult the problem, the more advantageous it is for the seller.

– In general, these types of products are easier to sell because people with specific problems are desperate for a solution.

– Examples include hunchback correction strap, blue light glasses, acne cleansers… etc.

Cool Gimmicks

– This category refers to products that are cool, unique, and eye-catching.

– Examples include jewelry, phone cases, trendy clothes, and the like.

– The products have no specific function or purpose, but are simply used to satisfy one’s desires and to fulfill one’s “beautiful imagination”.

Wow Factor

These are products that are unique and have a wow factor that will catch the eye of the customer. When we create advertisements, we usually highlight the uniqueness of the product, as this is the only way to surprise the potential customers and make them pay for it.

Low Availability

It is easy to understand that this means products that are difficult to buy in ordinary shops or supermarkets. Moreover, if a product can be bought in these places, it is usually a common product with little uniqueness, which makes it difficult to motivate customers to buy it.

Low Competitiveness

As you know, AliExpress is the choice for many Dropshipping sellers, so the number of orders on the product pages can be a very useful indicator in analyzing the competition. You can try to make sure that the products you want to promote have an average of between 500 and 2000 orders on AliExpress. Anything above that could mean that a lot of sellers are competing with your head-on. In other words, your target market is saturated.

No Seasonality

Sales of this type of product will be more erratic. It is difficult to ensure that you have enough cash flow to cover your business expenses every month, and in the end, you may not have much revenue.

The best example is: LED Roses

Although this is an attractive product, the disadvantage is that it is usually only sold on special occasions and sales can fluctuate greatly.

Products you should avoid (even if they sell well)

Highly imitated products

Highly imitated products such as Nike sneakers, Disney or Marvel heroes’ peripherals, iPhone knock-offs, etc. are definitely to be avoided.

Such products can even be considered taboo, a landmine that should never be stepped on, as they are patented products.

If we use them for Dropshipping, we are blatantly infringing their rights and could easily be sued!

Food Products

The second thing to avoid is food products such as biscuits, snacks, matcha, organic tea, etc.

As a Dropshipping seller, you don’t usually come across the products and it’s difficult to ensure the quality of every food product.

If the food is faulty and causes food poisoning to your customers, the consequences are unimaginable…

4 examples of high potential products

Baby Diaper Bag Backpack with Changing Station

High-Quality Material:
Made of Cationic Dyeable Polyester, durable, non-deformable stitching, the strong zipper is long-lasting and the backpack has high-quality fabric that can protect items from raindrops.

Multifunctional Baby Bag Pockets:
There are 13 distinct pockets in the baby diaper bag backpack. 4 elastic pockets can contain diapers, bibs, and other baby supplies; 1 waterproof zipper pocket can keep babies wet, and the remaining zipper pockets can accommodate a variety of stuff. Three infant bottles may be kept heated in three aluminum foil insulation compartments. Bottles, wipes, or tissues can be stored in two side pockets.

Large Capacity & Unique Design:
Diaper bags have 2 main and 12 functional pockets that meet all the demands and separate the clothes, bottles, towels and help in organizing all kinds of items neatly. The backpack offers plenty of storage to fit all of your essentials for your baby girl or boy.

4 in 1 Hand Stick Blender Mixer Set


This stick blender is equipped with a 1200W powerful motor to handle more blending tasks quietly and perfectly 2 sharp 304 stainless steel blades can cut food quickly and easily, perfect for baby foods, soups, juices, smoothies, and more.


The electric hand blender offers very convenient variable speed and instant turbo. You can easily adjust the speed to fit different foods and purposes.

Multiple Accessories You Need

600ml mixing beaker, whisk attachment, 500ml chopper attachment, and power cord are included. The perfect combination for family-making tasks, such as smoothies, milkshakes, soups or baby food, and so on.


A detachable shaft makes cleaning easier. Simply rinse under warm tap water or top-rack dishwasher safe, but pls don’t immerse the motor into the water. Just start, then the mixing task can be easily accomplished with only one hand.

4G Dog Cat GPS Tracker

The app supports one-click navigate the pet

Display location. Easy to tell indoors or outdoors to avoid misleading. Color-led sensor lights can be turned on from the app, making it easy to find a naughty pet at night. Buzz to call the pet via the app remotely. Multiple people view the location at the same time.

Health step

To know your loved pet’s movements status real-time, better for its health. Walk, energy, distance.

High voltage battery, long standby

4.35v high-density battery. Position once in 10 minutes, standby time 2-3 days; turn off timing positioning, standby time 10 days.

Legging/ Yoga pants/ Sportswear

Main Fabric

High stretchy, Seamless sewing, breathable, moisture-wicking, squat proof, wear-resistant, makes you feel high compression but comfortable.

Super Flattering 

High waist Leggings help to show off your body curves perfectly with tummy control and butt lift. Crop top padded removable cup, provide medium support.

Match Tips

Great with jacket, Sneakers, Sandals, and Baseball cap for outwear. A perfect workout outfit for you. High-quality stretchy and soft fabric made the fashion outfits work with most body types.

Occasion Suitable for casual, daily wear or everyday active lifestyle like sports, yoga, exercise, fitness, gym, walking, jogging, boxing, bowling, tennis, and any type of workout, or everyday use. when you sport in these athletic suits, you will look more youthful and vigorous.

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