Boost Your Sunglasses Sale With These Tips

Incremental markets of sunglasses

According to Statista, the US sunglasses products market will be the largest in the world at approximately US$4,138 million in 2021. Mainland China follows with market size of US$1.806 billion. In third place is Brazil with market size of approximately US$1.329 billion. India (US$1,048 million), Germany (US$771 million), France (US$703 million), Italy (US$660 million), Australia (US$656 million), and Russia (US$655 million) and Japan (US$616 million).

The market size figures for 2021 show that North America and Europe will continue to be the main markets for sunglasses. Asian markets, including China, India, and Japan, have a strong demand for sunglasses. Because of economic or population base or geographic factors.

The global market for sunglasses will reach USD 23,424 million by the end of 2022. The CAGR (2022-2025) is 5.81%, with a per capita purchase of 0.11 pieces and a per capita spend of US$3.09. The average price of sunglasses is US$28.34 per piece.

The mobile share will reach 55.8% by 2025. Brand sellers can adapt device pages from the current layout of mobile (e.g. mobile app) for sales.

Product development differentiation

Sunglasses of the Y2K style is in full swing and exaggerated frames are a favorite

The Y2K craze is in full swing and has led to the return of vintage sunglasses. Bug-eye, cat eye, large square frames, shields, and rimless sunglasses have seen a resurgence in silhouette. These glasses have become a popular item for the trendsetters of today, and unusual geometric sunglasses are also a popular choice for the avant-garde.

Minimalist transparent and translucent sunglasses are on the rise

The minimalist trend has seen a rise in the popularity of minimalist translucent sunglasses. Translucent sunglasses are more decorative and sellers can work on the shape of the frame.

Product segmentation direction derived from differentiated consumer needs 

Rectangular frame sunglasses

The classic rectangular frame sunglasses will continue to sell well. This year, however, the popular frames will be wider and will be predominantly thicker synthetic frames. When writing product details, sellers can state that the angles of rectangular frame sunglasses provide an extended visual effect. And they are suitable for oval or round faces. For example:

Neon colored sunglasses

Soft pinks and cloudy blues are the dominant colors on the market, with creamy yellows and lilac purples also on the rise. Highly saturated colors such as yellow and orange may be popular this summer. Neon-colored lenses with rimless frames meet the needs of consumers who are looking for the retro 90s trend. Brands or sellers can indicate that they are suitable for consumers after a summer tanning session when advising on how to adapt. For example:

Vintage sunglasses

Retro sunglasses are one of those items that will not go out of fashion, such as aviator sunglasses. Sellers can state that these sunglasses can soften the angles of the consumer’s face to a certain extent. They are suitable for consumers with long faces.

Fade lens sunglasses

Pink and brown gradient sunglasses are suitable for warm skin tones. While green and blue gradient sunglasses are suitable for cool skin tone consumers.

Operating Suggestions for Sunglasses store

Off-site traffic boost

When the station is operating normally but sales are not breaking through, you can consider various channels of off-site promotion. Promoting the right channels can increase product exposure. At the same time, it can also increase shop traffic and conversion rate, and thus improve the ranking of the shop. There are many off-site promotion channels, which are divided into several categories.

Guided promotional website

Other similar sites include slick deals, hot deal, hip2save, 1sale, and others. 

Social Media Platform

For example, using a Facebook Group. Small and medium-sized sellers are better off joining an existing Facebook Group. Once logged into Facebook, sellers can join a group by searching for a keyword using their product (e.g., enter sunglasses).

In addition to product keywords, you can also enter scenario-based keywords related to your product. For example, if you think of sunglasses, you will think of travel, tourism, outdoor, etc. The group of people who search with such keywords is also possible. 

Influencer Marketing

Sellers can find an influencer in verticals such as YouTube, TikTok, or IG to promote (at a relatively high price). In addition, sellers can also use Q&A forums such as Reddit and Quora to publish posts to drive traffic off-site.

Successful sunglasses brand examples & optimization suggestions

Sunski is an affordable sunglasses brand that sells vintage outdoor designs. It was born on the Kickstarter.

Main page

In addition to the usual product promotions, the home page also includes a section called “Product Advantages and Highlights”. This section introduces the product’s high quality, environmentally friendly materials, and lifetime warranty.

There is also a section on “Environmental Protection”, which introduces recyclable materials, plastic-free packaging, and so on. There is also a “Featured Review” section, which shows how consumers feel about the products. And the “Brand Statement” section. The content of each section is based on images and shows the core of the brand and its positioning simply and clearly.

Sunski used a progress bar to tell consumers to “spend $xx more and get free delivery” and “get a free tote bag on orders over $100”. And added a section to cross-sell sunglasses cases.

Try on sunglasses online, try before you buy

Sunski has created the ‘Try Before You Buy’ feature to allow consumers to try on sunglasses even when shopping online. Simply turn on the camera, record an image of your head and select any sunglasses to try on virtually. You can also see the results from multiple angles. Users can delete their avatar information once they have completed the fitting to protect their privacy.

Virtual try-on is a defining trend in the sale of eyewear products online today. Many relevant product customization platforms or third-party plugins can help brands implement features such as virtual try-on. This creates an “immersive” shopping experience for consumers to drive conversions and increase brand loyalty.

In addition, the “lifetime warranty” appears several times in the brand introduction section and navigation bar at the end. Although consumers cannot physically touch the product, they are reassured by the quality of the product and the after-sales service. 

Email Marketing 

They will send promotional emails based on the user’s web interaction behavior and for different marketing purposes. The email can contain eye-catching images, and convey information such as limited stock to increase the urgency of the purchase.

Or create an incentive to buy by offering points or coupons. Alternatively, send an email requesting feedback from customers who have completed an order. Or create a loyalty program to encourage customers to help promote the brand.

Customized content for social media platforms

In terms of social channels, Sunski has focused on Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram.

Take Instagram for example. Currently, Sunski has 91,000 followers and over 3,500 posts. The style and content of the posts are in line with the brand’s tone, showing a happy atmosphere in the sun and outdoors. The average number of likes on a post is over 1,000.

On photo-based social media platforms, promotional material can be conceived in terms of functionality such as sun protection, and fashion attributes. And also, scenarios such as sports and outdoor. Video platforms such as YouTube or TikTok, on the other hand, focus on unboxing videos.

Ad Placement Recommendations

A wide audience and precise targeting are key

By targeting the audience accurately, you can effectively increase brand awareness and ad reaches to generate conversions.

According to AdTargeting, there are 436 million people interested in “sunglasses” on Facebook. Among them, 45.7% are male users and 54.3% are female users. The majority of users are aged 25-34, accounting for 37.88%. While the 8-24 age group accounts for 26.43% and the 35-44 age group accounts for 18.48%.

In addition, sellers can use ad monitoring tools to analyze the advertising strategies and creativity of competing products.

Sunglasses search peaks from April to July

According to Google Trends, the peak search period for “sunglasses” is generally between April and July. To capture the rise in popularity, sellers should start preparing promotional materials and bidding on relevant keywords in February/March.

The Australian region is the most searched for the region. However, as a southern hemisphere country, the high search volume period is usually from mid-November to late December.

The US has a more mature market with 7.5 million searches per month on Google for information related to the sunglasses category, with an average CPC of around $0.72. In Germany, the UK, France, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Norway, Canada, and Italy, there are between 350-2.5 million searches per month for sunglasses. The average CPC is around US$0.27-US$0.71, which is a good value for money for online promotion.

Export certification & logistics

Certification standards

As an export product, sunglasses have different certification requirements for each destination market.

EU: EN ISO 12312 standard

USA: FDA and ANSI Z80.3/Z80.5 standards

Australia: AS/NZS 1067:2003 and other standards

Russia: GOST certification

Germany: TUV certification, etc.

Sellers can prepare the relevant certification according to the needs of their target market. 

Lenses are fragile and require extra care in logistics packaging

When exporting sunglasses, there are three logistics routes to choose from sea, land, and air. Sellers can decide on the logistics options based on the target market, timeliness requirements, and cost control.

In addition, sunglasses are fragile items. According to logistic practice, the carrier is not responsible for any breakage of the product in case of incomplete packaging.

Therefore, sellers can use bubble cushion packaging, foam packaging, shockproof design packaging, etc. to minimize the possibility of breaking the lenses. Consideration may also be given to double-boxing, and fragile labels may be placed on the outer box packaging.

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