How To Start An Online Business With Zero Inventory

Product is very important to a website shop’s operation. To a certain extent, it determines the direction of the shop’s operation. The selection of products does not mean that simply picking some good-looking, inexpensive goods will do. There are techniques for choosing the right products. The following are just a few tips for product selection.

Catering to the needs of target customers and solving their problems

Your target customer determines the products you want to sell, and the products determine the direction of your shop operations at some point. So you can choose the products you want to sell and the direction of your shop operation based on your target customer.

If your target customer is American and your shop is geared towards America, you need to consider what Americans like. Generally speaking, most people like camping, sports, and so on, so you can actually sell camping equipment, hiking boots, water bottles, sunglasses, and stuff like that.

The product should be unique and not corny

You need to choose products that are somewhat unique. After all, there are many products on Amazon that are the same but at different prices. If you want to share the already small pie with the established sellers, it’s not realistic.

So don’t choose such corny products, choose products that we feel the urge to buy when we look at them. We also want to achieve this effect in the selection of products, novelty, and practical. For example, rechargeables can also be warmer when used.

Stable supply chain and adequate suppliers

A stable supply chain is an essential part of a website shop’s ability to operate properly. If the supply chain is disconnected, then your shop will not be able to continue to run. After all, you have no goods to offer your customers.

So, when you choose a product, you must make sure that the supplier can provide the product in a stable and long-term manner. Or find a supplier who produces the same product in advance for backup, so as not to delay delivery when the situation arises.

At the same time, finding good value at a reasonable cost remains a sourcing priority. eComhub’s flexible services can serve any business. We offer a wide range of options of factories throughout China. Just outsource various products you want through our limitless manufacturer options.

Suppliers should support dropshipping

Because of the no-stock model we are going to do, you will have no stock in hand and you will have no goods to send to your customers. At this point, you need to ask the supplier if they can offer a delivery service while you are choosing the product. This is also to avoid the time consumption caused by the need to send the product to you first.

If the supplier of the product is able to provide the shipping service, then all these problems can be solved without you having to worry about it.

Business operations become a lot easier when you don’t have to manage the actual goods. There is no need to worry about the following:

Warehouse management and cost of warehousing

Packing and shipping orders

Tracking inventory due to billing issues

Processing returns and goods that have arrived

Constantly ordering products and improving storage conditions

At the same time, you reap many benefits:

Low cost – since you don’t need to buy inventory and manage a warehouse, your expenses will be minimal.

Flexible location – forwarding and distribution can be operated from anywhere there is an internet connection. As long as you can maintain good communication with your suppliers and customers, you can run and manage your business. 

Wide selection of products – Since you don’t have to pre-order the items you want to sell; you can offer a range of products to potential customers. If the supplier stocks a range of items, you can list these on your website with no extra expense required.

By the way, eComhub has its fulfillment center and inventory management system. And it can be connected with mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms. Like amazon, eBay, Shopify, and so on. Sellers can conveniently use the software to select channels, package, and ship for comprehensive management. All these can enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

eComhub.net’s FC at Hangzhou

Products with high profits

It is equally important that the products can earn you a high profit. Therefore, when it comes to pricing, at least three times the profit you will have money to earn. But pricing also should be based on the previous four conditions, the first four selection techniques determine the direction of your selection.

You may say how much money you can make is the most important. But if you want to make a lot of money steadily in the long run, selection tips above you definitely need to consider. All these tips will help you to prevent problems in the process of operation.

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Your products determine the operation of your website shop and the development of your website shop. And also determine whether your website shop can be profitable and stable in the long run. So these tips for selecting products are something you need to consider and learn carefully and comprehensively. So that you can choose the right goods.

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